Can anyone give me a price on upgrading my d/l speed?
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Unlike the majority of people that grace these forums I am not here to complain, well, I might have one small complaint. So far I'm generally satisfied with my DSL internet service from Verizon. However, and this is not my small complaint, it's slow for the things I've been trying to do lately. I realize the reason it's slow is because it happens to be .5 - 1mbps download speed. My complaint would be that I can't believe it's 2012 and 1 - 3mbps is not the lowest package offered, that there is something lower, just seems a bit behind the times if you ask me.

Anyhow my question is, how much is it to upgrade to the next speed? An extra $5 a month, an extra $10 a month, perhaps free if Verizon is feeling generous that day? Appreciate any info someone could give me on this.

Re: Can anyone give me a price on upgrading my d/l speed?
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Check your MyVerizon account. If you log in there should be a place to request an upgrade. Proceed into that section of the account page far enough to where it will show you how much it will cost you and then cancel out of it as if you changed your mind. You could also give Verizon a call as well to see what they will offer you.

Did Verizon exclusively say what the max speed is for your particular location or area? You might be able to go higher than 3Mbps for the same cost as 3Mbps if the speeds are available. That's only if you come out of a CO though instead of a remote DSLAM, and if your area is marked as capable.

Otherwise you can go by the new customer pricing on the Verizon website. The pricing there may be higher or lower than what you'd get for being a current customer. Just be aware if you don't have Phone service with Verizon as well, you will be required to get a landline. Verizon doesn't allow what is known as Dry Loop DSL anymore. You might be able to get Dry Loop through a CLEC such as DSLExtreme or Cavalier though!