Can't Access Hotmail of Xbox Live via Verizon DSL

Someone please help as this situation is now in its third day and no one has been able to help me. The Verizon customer service phone line keeps blaming Microsoft, and vice versa. The whole blame game is getting tedious.

Since Friday, Feb 3rd at approx 9pm I have not been able to sign into either my Hotmail of Xbox Live Accounts. Now let me be very clear, the password and logins are correct, but the browser continually times out and won't connect. I have been able to access my email via my work computer (10 miles away) so I know that the Hotmail servers aren't down. I can access the entire internet at home, just not hotmail. I can log into the Xbox website at home, but the console (which is plugged directly into the modem) times out when it tries to login.

I really just want to know that someone is looking into it. This problem seems to be affecting only Verizon DSL/FIOs customers in CA, who use hotmail of the Xbox live services. I'm just really tired of getting the run around.

To help here's what I've tried:

-Reloading and Resetting my internet browser

-Cleared cache and deleted cookies and temporary files

-Reset modem

-release/renew IP address

-contact Microsoft and Verizon (both have failed to address the issue properly)

-Accessed affected email through a different computer on a different network.

Please help.

Re: Can't Access Hotmail of Xbox Live via Verizon DSL

I also thought it might be hepful to post a link to the Windows Live Solution Center forum where you can clearly see that it isn't just me. This is a systemic problem for Verizon DSL users in CA trying to access Hotmail and related Microsoft sites.

Connect the dots. This is not just an individual incident, this is a much larger outage that needs attention.

Windows Live Forum - Hotmail Timing Out