Cannot Use Help In Verizon Yahoo?

Hello. From my Verizon/Yahoo homepage or Verizon email I cannot access Help.  For example, if I am in my email and click on Help, the webpage that appears has a Help Index on the left side listing options you can click on, such as Troubleshooting, Email, Member Center, etc.  If I click on Email, I get a webpage that has email topic headings you can click on.  If I try to type in a search topic in the Help Index search box, I keep getting a webpage that reads " Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Webpage".  I have tried to Refresh without any results and always end up clicking on Diagnose Possible Connection Problems that sends a report to Microsoft. 

There is also a box to click for More Information.  I have tried what was suggested like working offline, going to favorites, making sure that under Internet Options certain things were checked and still cannot resolve this issue.  Anyone know what the problem could be?

Thanks a bunch for some help!

Re: Cannot Use Help In Verizon Yahoo?
Master - Level 3

That is peculiar. I have not heard of this happening before. Please try deleting your temporary internet files and cookies, close your browser, then try again.