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Cannot connect to League of Legends login server.
Enthusiast - Level 2


Today I went to play League of Legends and when i try to log in, the client fails to authenticate my login and it times out. At first, I checked to see if it was the Riot Games servers having an issue, but there's no mention of it. I asked my friends if they were able to login and they all logged in just fine. I then thought it must have been a firewall issue blocking the client. I disabled the firewall and was still unable to log in. 

I pinged and ran a trace route to the Riot Login Server and the request timed out.

  • North America Login
    Server IP:

I'm convinced that this is an ISP issue. Is there any way to have this resolved? Am I missing something that I should have checked? I tried restarting my computer and router/modem and that didn't fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Cannot connect to League of Legends login server.
Specialist - Level 2

I am not a gamer but I did find this on the site

Trace also time out for me

Re: Cannot connect to League of Legends login server.
Enthusiast - Level 1

Verizon is notoriously abysmal when it comes to playing League of Legends. As someone who plays quite frequently (anywhere from 2-3 hours a night) I have had nothing but issues. Some weekends it is so bad that I have to stay at my friends place if I even feel like I want to play. If you follow the pro scene or any League of Legends at all, you will realize a lot of the pro players have complained about their FiOs connection dropping them and constantly making games unplayable while trying to scrim with other teams (most notably Team Dignitas). Riot has responded and is trying to work with Verizon on the issue, but obviously nothing has been done as of yet. I am considering switching providers because I am incredibly irritated with this.