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Cannot log into REV i router ....typing password adds random charachters
Enthusiast - Level 2

Very strange thing happening.  Never seen anything like it in 30+ years working with computers.

I just got a new Fios install.  I previously had internet only, now I have triple play.  I have 75/30 bandwidth and an Actiontec REV I(eye) router.

WHen I go to the routers login screen to try and configure it I am able to enter the username without issue.

However, when I try and type in the password all kinds of (I assume) random charachters are being generated so I can't log in.  When I hit the first letter, 4 letters appear (actually 4 dots).  With each keypress 2,3,4 or even 5 "dots" are generated.  Same thing if I try to backspace it out.  Copy and paste does the same thing. .  I can not see what I am typing because of the "security" dots but many extra charachters (dots) are shiowing up.

Before you blame my keyboard or my computer I have totally isolated the router to only my PC.  Everything else removed.

I have reset the router 20 times.

I have HARD RESET (red button)

I have tried OTHER sites like banks, forums and anything else that takes a hidden password.  ALL WORK FINE.

Only this router and only the password entry is a problem.

This is driving me crazy!

Re: Cannot log into REV i router ....typing password adds random charachters
Enthusiast - Level 2

UPDATE  This is even stranger.  I just hooked up my old REV D Actiontec and it's doing the same thing.  Never seen anything like it.   Never had the problem with the "D" (I had 15/5 then now I have 75/30).

Everything else is fine only the routers have this issue and only with passwords.

Re: Cannot log into REV i router ....typing password adds random charachters

Just ignore it and type what you know to be the correct password, just don't look at the screen. That is a Verizon and/or Actiontec security measure to supposedly protect you from someone looking over your shoulder and seeing what keys you hit. Bogus IMO, so like I said, ignore what is on the screen.

If you seach the forums you will see lots of threads and posts on this, it has confused users for years.

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Re: Cannot log into REV i router ....typing password adds random charachters

If you can't login to the router, it may be one of several things:

• When I try to login, multiple dots appear as I type.
This is a security feature and is normal.

•I used to login to the router with "password1" (or similar common password). Now that doesn't work.
In August 2010 Verizon changed the password of any customer routers that had one of several common passwords due to a published hack. The user name is admin and the password was changed to the serial number of the router*. The serial number is located on the service tag on your router under the bar code. Enter it in all caps as the password field is case sensitive. 

• If you still can't login to the router, you will have to do a factory reset of the router.
The reset button is a recessed button on the rear panel of the router. Press it in for about 15 seconds (until all the lights on the router go out, then flash). After the router reboots, open a browser window to » You will be prompted to change the password on the initial screen. Any customization you have done to the router will be lost.

* - Per a post here, the password now appears on the service tag sticker and no longer is the serial number.