Cannot stream HD video over FIOS; Netflix blames fluctuating FIOS internet signal
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We have an internet-capable TV directly attached via ethernet cable to a LAN port on the Actiontec router. We use it to stream video from Netflix.

Netflix has three video-quality settings, Low, Medium, and High.  Low and Medium both stream OK; but if we set the quality to High on the Netflix account portal (High is necessary for HD) then there are all kinds of problems.  We'll have trouble connecting to Netflix to see our queue and/or a show won't start when it's selected -- the progress bar will jump to 25% and freeze there forever-- and/or a show we were watching the previous evening won't resume; it too will "hang" at around 25% progress.

Netflix tech support blames these problems on  "fluctuating" or erratic broadband signal quality.

Whenever I do a Speakeasy Speed test of the FIOS the download speed is 49Mbps and up about 19Mbps.  But I do often notice that when I visit websites, clicking on a submit button won't always work the first time.  It's as if there are periodic "clogs' in the system.  How can I track the "health" of the FIOS internet signal over time and get statistics that  could be used to determine whether Netflix tech support is correct that the problem is with my FIOS service and not on their end?