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Cannot upgrade High Speed Internet Plan?
Enthusiast - Level 1

HI guys:
  First time on this forum. So few months ago I've canceled my home phone from Verizon and just kept the DSL. The plan is listed as High Speed Internet 768k - 1Mbps. Now I want to upgrade my internet to a faster plan. However, in my account it says all the faster plans are NOT available, except FIOS. 
  I'm just wondering why it's not possible to upgrade to a faster plan. Since it's already supplying the 768k-1Mbps, I would think that it should be easy to upgrade to a faster plan. 
Anyone knows why?


Re: Cannot upgrade High Speed Internet Plan?
Super User
Super User

It could be an issue with distance and line quality, or it could also be an issue with FiOS being available as well. If you want to see what the case is in terms of the physical line itself, tell us what modem you're using and we can help you get the Transceiver Statistics. Unless you know how to get them of course, then just post up the statistics 🙂

Oh, and word has it that Verizon might be introducing an economy tier for FiOS Internet, supplying people with 3Mbps download, 1Mbps upload for some $30 a month. Keep an eye out for anything if it turns out the DSL line will be unable to support the speed.