Connecting Verizon UBS Modem 720 to Xbox Live

How do you got Xbox Live on the 360 using the Verizon UBS Modem 720?

I have a Desktop computer (Dell Inspiron 531)

I dont have a wireless router or the network adapter that Xbox sells but i do have a ethernet cable

Can Someone PLEASE give me a step by step process on how to get Xbox Live. I am really tired of going in circles with trying to get the internet connection on my Xbox 360.

Re: Connecting Verizon UBS Modem 720 to Xbox Live
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Re: Connecting Verizon UBS Modem 720 to Xbox Live
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dial up your connection on your pc or laptop. 

go into network connections, and right click on the verizon dial up modem, and go to properties.  go to advanced i think ( i am at work and not on my home pc)  on one of the top tabs,  then look in the middle of the screen. you should see a Share internet connection box. check it, then select you lan card or nic card from the drop down box that you want to share your internet with.

this will configure you nic card as a dhcp server.

plug your ethernet cable from xbox to pc or laptop.  re dial your modem connection to internet.  then turn on your xbox after internet is up.

go to settings and make sure your xbox has an ip address of 192.168.0. xx where xx can be any number.

if it is like that, you shoud be good to go. 

You have to either drop any firewalls or virus firewalls or add the ports in the firewalls to make sure they do not prevent live from working.

if you get a 192.168.0.xx and you can not get on. it is a firewall issue.