Connection issues in Central NY?

Is anyone else having MAJOR connection issues in Central NY? Roommate and I have had connectivity issues ALL day.

Resetting the modem (which is a Westell 7500) results in SPOTTY improvement.

Right now, some pages that give us troubles connecting are: (HIGH connectivity issues here) (spotty) (spotty)

certain games on will not load won't load 90% of pictures will load, but pictures/graphical content will not

I tried accessing the page I was pushed in a twitter DM with no avail.

It is NOT our systems, as we run virus scans daily and come back clean every time. We were ALSO having issues with our iPods getting the weather updates from Yahoo.

What makes me so... irritated about these issues is the fact I *JUST* paid my verizon bill earlier this afternoon... after having trouble connecting to the website to do so.

Please,  Verizon, either tell us there are issues or get to them and FIX them.

Re: Connection issues in Central NY?
Master - Level 3

Sorry to hear about the troubles you were having with the service. If there was an area outage at the time I would expect it to have been cleared by now. Are you still having issues? Please reply back if so that way we can provide assistance if needed.