Connection timed out, unstable

Hi, I'm experiencing problems with my Verizon Enhanced DSL internet. Problem started May 31- present

Sometimes I would get a request timed out message when trying to access certain sites. Accessing is a main example.  ( Prior to writing this post, I tried to access and create an account, I got a request timed out as well. I waited a few mintues to retry and here I am typing this ...)

Sometimes I can access and initialize a search from there, but sometimes it would keep loading until it gets a request timed out message. However, when  I opened up command prompt to ping, it would get back a reply. (This is the most confusing thing to me!) As I typed in ping -n 50, I would keep getting replies back 26ms, but when I typed in in my browser, it would keep loading until i get a request timed out. However, when I wait 1~5 min, google will be accessable again. The process of connection timed out repeats.

I've tried different debugging methods.

1) Restarting my modem/ computer, problem still persist.

2) Using  different browsers, firefox, internet explore, opera, problem still persist.

3)Scanning computer, no virus, problem still persist.

4) Using Wifi connection on phone, and laptop, problem still persist.

5) Connecting the modem to my laptop with an ethernet cable(one used to connect desktop), problem still persist.

6) Going to test my speed at, and verizon speed test. Speed was my usual speed, but the problem of experiencing connection timed out still persist.

As of now, is the only site I can access a good amount  without experiencing the connection timed out. It experienced it once or twice with, but it was accessable really quickly.

(A site I experienced today also with connection timed out was

Re: Connection timed out, unstable
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Super User

Try using another DNS.  Google has good DNS.  OpenDNS is another good one.  Both are faster than Verizon's DNS.

If you don't know how to change your DNS settings either on your devices or in the router, google "DNS" and you'll find lots of help.  OpenDNS has tutorials as well.


Re: Connection timed out, unstable
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Sounds like you may have a possible firewall issue. Try turning off your firewall for 15 minutes and see if the problem still persists.