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Connectivity Westell 7500 keeps dropping Internet connection
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            My Internet keeps going off and on had at least 7 tech's out here to look at it I rent my place and its not even 10 years old inside wiring up to code tech's said. Where should I start Well I moved here about 2 years ago before that had Verizon Fios worked great then I moved here. Got Modem in a box hooked up and then the problems started. What happens is the Internet Light Goes out and the DSL Light Blinks that's about 90% of the time and sometime's 10% Just The internet light is out and DSL is solid either way I get kicked off internet or it just doesn't work. This can last 5 min to 6 hours but its totally random! Can happen 1 time to 10 times a day. Techs looked at everything and I am even on a dedicated line for my internet so I don't need phone filters on the other phone's in the house. Replaced the modem already and even the wires to computer and wall jack. Still happening Something Funny happened about 2 weeks ago tech guy was here but Internet was on Wile he was Here so not much he could do matter of a fact hard to get them here while it is off because it works fine most of the day just off and on Randomly like I said. So Tech Guy Leave's and I had no problem's for 2 Week's For last 4 Days problems Back Anyone Know What's up? I Try shutting everything down and restarting but that doesn't work matter of a fact none of the troubleshooting stuff for loss of Signal Works Can someone tell me what to do the tech guys going to get here and I bet he can't fix will just keep happening help if u can."Also I am far out can only get 1.5 when it comes to speed too far from Verizon tech's say.  Could week signal be it the tech's say no 1.2 is my average strength????

Re: Connectivity Westell 7500 keeps dropping Internet connection
Super User
Super User

Visit the following page and copy/paste the information you see on that page:

If you are asked for a Username and Password, try the following:





Your Verizon Username and Password