Copper retirement
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I only have landline + high speed TV. With the switch from copper to fiber, my monthly cost with change probably every year.  Currently my rate is consistent.  So even tho no TV, because it's FIOS, I'll be caught in rate increase HELL. As a retiree, this is not good news.   Be aware, be very aware.  Think I'll do for one year which keeps basically same rate as current.  But next year?  We'll see.

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Re: Copper retirement
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I am on my second 2 year FIOS Agreement and switched from Comcast for a far better and more reliable service at a lower rate. At the end of 2nd year I was happily surprised that the representative found a better plan offering me the same but increased my Internet speed to 75/75 at no additional charge. I was in cabling years ago just when fiber came out and fiber is the only way to go. Copper becomes expensive to maintain and copper only can run 3000 calls at one time where Fiber can carry 31,000 calls at one time. Copper uses electrical impulses to determine number of calls due it's limitations. Fiber uses light impulses which 10 times that of copper. 

2 year agreement usually saves you money and locks in the price.

Good luck