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Provide customer support for your customers. Well, I've had intermittent internet connectivity for the last 5-6 weeks now. It was sometimes slow and other times non-existent. I just assumed it was something the service technicians were doing down the street since their service trucks have been there most everyday. I thought, surely this will pass. Maybe they're are finally bringing fiber in or upgrading the copper, or something? I can't even stream movies from NETFLIX anymore. NETFLIX movies use to download in 5-10 seconds and run uninterrupted for the entire movie. Now it takes 3 minutes to load 1-2 minutes of the the movie. This repeats every 1-2 minutes, making it quite difficult to keep up with the story line. Internet page downloads are now extremely slow. I called Verizon's Customer Support(?) today. They told me the same thing they did four years ago, "We're going to have to decrease your connection speed due to your remote location", but back then they sent a tech out. He found a better pair of wires to put me on and its worked flawlessly until now. They've supposedly reduced my connection speed now and nothing has improved. I'm now at the lowest DSL connection speed available. Everything worked fine 2 months ago. I'm sick of this. Something has got to be done. Internet should be improving, not deteriorating.....and to think....I'm paying for THIS?

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Let's start getting some information to see what is going on.

These slow-downs you're seeing first of all. Do they occur at all hours of the day and night or only during the evening hours where higher usage is to be expected on the network?

Can you provide a speedtest from or for us to see?

Can we also see some modem Transceiver Statistics? If you don't know how to get this information, just let us know which modem you have and we can help you obtain the statistics.