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I have been experiencing this issue since May 2nd and I have called Verizon more than 20 times since the problems began.  I am at my wit's end as I need my connection for my work, which is time sensitive and requires a stable internet connection.  First, the DSL light on my router will begin to blink, then it will go solid and the internet light will turn off.  The connection will then recover after several minutes, and the process begins again.  The problem does not seem to be time specific, such as dropping during peak hours.  

Verizon has sent me a new Actiontec GT784WNV router, which I am using now.   If I replace the Actiontec router with my old Westell and try to connect, the same problem persists.  

A technician has been to my home twice and both times, he has insisted that there is no issue with the phone lines in my home.  I can make calls with no problems - the sound is clear and there is little to no static, unless it is due to my older phone.  The technician also inspected all my filters and assured me that they were correctly installed. 

I am subscribed for the 3.1 to 7mbps plan.  I understand that I may not get 7mbps, but I am located approximately 3500 feet away from the local CO.

The first time the technician came, he told me that the issue was caused by Verizon not resetting my speed properly after an issue had been detected and presumably repaired on my line.  After he had my speed reset, the problem began again shortly afterwards.  The second time the technician came, he was confused as to why my line was being optimized(speed reduced) even though there was nothing wrong with the line.  He put in an order for a split bank to be replaced at the CO - I do not know if this has been carried out.

My internet was perfect on Thursday, dropped once or twice on Friday, and then the issues that had plagued me since the 2nd returned.  I decided to post here on the forums since tonight, I spoke to a representative who assured me that the problem was that my PPP Username and Password were not the same as the PPP Username and Password associated with my Verizon account.  In doing so, however, I learned what my username and password are.  

Of course, around 5 minutes after I followed her instructions to the letter, the DSL light began blinking again and I lost connection shortly afterwards.

Here is some information from my router page(

WAN Status Connection Status

Connection Status

Internet Service Provider:CONNECTED

PPP Status

PPP Parameter Status

User Name:[redacted]
LCP State:UP
Authentication Failures:0
Session Time:0 Days, 1H:38M:10S
Packets Sent:614696
Packets Received:948770

Broadband Status

Broadband Parameter Status

Broadband Mode Setting:ADSL2+
Broadband Negotiated Mode:ADSL2+
Connection Status:CONNECTED
Downstream Speed:5884 Kbps
Upstream Speed:633 Kbps
Retrain Timer:0 Days, 0H:35M:54S
ATM QoS class:UBR
Near End CRC Errors Interleave:192407
Near End CRC Errors Fastpath :N/A
Far End CRC Errors Interleave :1475
Far End CRC Errors Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Near End CRC Interleave :0
30 Minute Near End CRC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Far End CRC Interleave :0
30 Minute Far End CRC Fastpath :N/A
Near End RS FEC Interleave :0
Near End RS FEC Fastpath :N/A
Far End RS FEC Interleave :0
Far End RS FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Near End FEC Interleave :17405
30 Minute Near End FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Far End FEC Interleave :2919
30 Minute Far End FEC Fastpath :N/A
30 Minute Discarded Packets Downstream :0
30 Minute Discarded Packets Upstream :0
SNR Downstream :14 dB
SNR Upstream :9 dB
Attenuation Downstream :16 dB
Attenuation Upstream :9 dB
Power Downstream0 dBm
Power Upstream12.5 dBm

I have done some very very rudimentary research and I believe that the number of near end CRC errors I am receiving is absolutely over the top.

However, at the time of my writing this, my internet connection has been stable and relatively fast for the past hour.  I am completely baffled at this point.  Verizon has promised to "resolve" the issue as they have promised multiple times.  The problem is that each time has resulted in failure and I can no longer put up with these interruptions.

If anyone could assist, I would greatly appreciate it.  Please let me know if you require any more information.

Re: DSL Constantly Dropping + Router Info Page
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 That line is definitely having some issues, you can tell by the 56 (!!!) retrains.  That means that's how many times the modem has tried to resync since it was started.  - which is indicated by the DSL light flashing.

I'll be honest that I didn't read your post and just checked the line stats, but with that attenuation you are in fact VERY close to the CO or RT.  The lower the attenuation the better, and the higher the SNR the better.

What's likely happening is something is causing interference on your line, causing the SNR to drop.  When it gets below about 5 db, it'll lose sync, and then re-sync at a lower speed. Verizon has a "feature" called the optimizer that tries to balance speed and performance.  It systematically lowers your speed to keep stability.

There's no reason why with an attentuation of 16 your SNR should be anywhere near 14 with a sync of 5884.  The sync speed for the 7.1 plan is 7840 or 7616 depending on the type of profile.  Also, upstream should be around 864 for either 3 or 7 mbps.  So, something is definitely going on.  That's a lot of errors in a short time period.

Have you tried connecting your modem to the jack in your NID?  If you did that and the stats are the same, it's definitely an issue between your house the CO, and NOT your wiring.  These can be hard to diagnose sometimes.

When this happens, have you picked up the phone?  Was there static?  I'd be willing to bet there is ... sometimes you will have better luck getting them to repair the line by complaining about voice quality/static and don't mention anything about DSL, since they are legally required to provide voice.