DSL Modem--Do They "Crap Out?"

After years of use, I am no longer getting an internet connection with my Westell 327.

A Verizon Phone Tech tested my line (remotely). My phone is fine, but he says I am not getting a DSL signal. (Yes, I plugged into a different jack and he got the same result--no DSL signal.)

My gut tells me that the modem is simply "crapped out." I suspect this since--for a couple of weeks--I have been losing the internet connection and fixing it by rebooting the Westell. Finally, a reboot no longer helps.

Now I will have to take a day off for a technician to come to my apartment and strongly suspect I am wasting my time.

Is there anyway to test the modem on my own? If the Westell is defective, would a remote technician really be able to test my line?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. (Really, any that are not the obvious ones that I already saw in the Forum.)


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Re: DSL Modem--Do They "Crap Out?"
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The 327w units are getting dated, so it could have perhaps bitten the dust. They have been known lately to start fatiguing and failing on people. When the tech arrives, he might bring another modem with him. If a new one solves it, then great!