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DSL Modem Experiment for Verizon High Speed Internet
Enthusiast - Level 1

I'm currently using an Actiontec GT704WG Rev B DSL Modem specifically designed for Verizon (name on unit).  It's set up about as good as it will get.  With a 1.1 Mbps to 3 Mbps downlink rate, I was getting around 1.4 Mbps.  Sometimes it dropped recently to about 1 Mbps.  In any case my home project is to experiment with a new modem that Verizon does not support.

It's a Motorola Netopia 2247-N8 DSL Gateway (4-port Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi.

The private IP address used by Motorola is at

The instructions state that if the IP Provider says to use a different address that I'm to use it to log-in (Verizon uses

So my Number One question is whether or not the information for my Actiontec GT704WGB is all contained within the modem such that fiddling with the Motorola 2247-N8 modem at will not wipeout the Actiontec if I were to return it to service?

I've printed out 44-pages of all the configuration information for the Actiontec, and it appears laborious to configure the Motorola unit, but possible.  There are no specific setup tools from Verizon to setup the Motorola 2247-N8 as the DSL Modem for Verizon High Speed Internet.

Anyway, what's a person to do with nothing but time to burn.  A RETIREE'S JOY?  Smiley Very Happy

Re: DSL Modem Experiment for Verizon High Speed Internet
Contributor - Level 3

The Actiontec GT704 is a 4-port Wireless G DSL router/gateway, correct?

I would like to think that you will not have to go through 44 pages of setup in order to get the Motorola to work, just some of the highlights.

You should copy down all the pertinent information from the 704 prior to starting all this.  That is, the DSL information, the Wireless setup (encryption information, SSID, DHCP address ranges perhaps) and anything else you have that might be out of the ordinary (gaming things).

Then I would remove the 704 from the network and turn it off.

I would then directly connect my PC to the Motorola but don't connect the phone line to the Motorola just yet.  I would program the DSL information, then the Wireless keys.  I would set the IP of the Motorola to (not that you have to, but it just makes things look the same). Then reboot the Motorola.  Hopefully it should come up happily.

BTW: I don't think Verizon gives a flip what your internal IP address happens to be. Their default for the 704 may be but you can change it to be any thing you want.

You don't really want the two wireless routers on your network at the same time since both will be acting as DHCP servers. And you certainly don't want two routers with the same address on the network at the same time.

Once you remove the 704 from the network, you could leave the Motorola at .254 as long as that address isn't used by something else (isn't handed out by the DHCP server).

Re: DSL Modem Experiment for Verizon High Speed Internet
Enthusiast - Level 1

I tried and got lost somewhere.  The Motorola setup applicatioin led me to enter a Username for ISP log-on and a password.

OK, now I'm lost.  What was that which I forgot after setting the PC up to access the Internet through Verizon?

The terminology of a username and password is bandied about like I knew what they were writing about.  There is a modem user id and password which starts with a "admin" for user. 

Then there are PC log-on Names and Passwords; and for the Internet as far as I can remember it was embedded in the Email for incoming and outgoing from/to Verizon.

Where would I find the ISP User Log-in Name and Password?

Smiley Mad  I'm not giving up.  After failing to get an Internet Connection (I did get a PC to Motorola modem connection), I powered it off and reconnected my Actiontec DSL Modem.  It automatically fixed whatever was wrong, and I'm off and running on the Internet WITH email capabilities not lost.

Smiley Very Happy

Re: DSL Modem Experiment for Verizon High Speed Internet
Contributor - Level 1

Where the router asks you for user id and password, just type in the enter key?


New DSL Modem Replacment, Need to find Verizon High Speed Internet ID + Passwword
I found the net address at the new modem is asking for an ID & Password is this the same as Verizon email?