Re: DSL Throttled

I just had a 3 hour ordeal on the phone with Verizon to get them to rewire a piece of equipment at their processing center.  I have been getting 2.8 megs for years, and .85 up.  Now that they fixed my internet I'm down to 1.5 and .35.  How do I go about getting them to reset and get rid of this Optimizer so that I get what I have always had.  I have a second line at this location using a another private dsl provider which gets 4.2 and 1.  I would switch both lines over to the other provider, and went so far as to buy the domain over a year ago to keep my email, but I have been hesitant due to all of the problems I have read about from people who have lost their email despite buying the keep my email/domain thing.  I hate this company with a passion.  Their support is terrible.  

The bottom line is that I am being throttled now, I know my line is clean and will support almost twice the speed I"m getting.  How do I get it back to normal, and get rid of the optimizer.