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DSL is off....more than its up and working!

I have reported several times that I am having a MAJOR issue with my DSL service. Repairmen came out and to check the line. The line was supposedly then split at the junction box. However, I am still having the same issues! My internet/DSL line goes out at least 15 times in a 24 hr period. It gives the error message from time to time that 2 pc's are operating on the same ISP#.

I upgraded my wireless box to a NetGear N600 Dual Band...still the problem persists. I am paying money for a service that I am not getting. My service is supposed to be there when I want it...not when it chooses to work properly! It should work properly at lest 99% of the time....right now I'm lucky if it works 50% of the time. Please, please, please fix this!

Verizon Modem: Westell Model 6100G


Re: DSL is off....more than its up and working!
Super User
Super User

Can you post up your modem logs? You shouldn't be getting errors that there are two PCs operating on the service, as Verizon does not care what is attached to the network past the modem, as they give you so many public IP addresses to use. A router with a NAT is meant to take one IP and allow multiple PCs to use it, so either way, no errors should be occurring.

The modem can be reached at when plugged directly into the modem, if you are unable to reach it while connected to the router. The Logs can be reached by choosing System Monitoring, Advanced Monitors, and then by clicking on System Logging. From there, post up the contents of the "All" category of the log. If you cannot paste all of the log in a post here, paste it at and provide the URL to your paste.

While you are in the modem's Advanced Statistics, I would also get the Transceiver Statistics. Those can be pasted up without issue in forum posts.