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DSL wont work on a different jack

We recently moved into this new apartment and got the dsl service with Verizon. I noticed my apartment had only two phone jacks in the entire house - one by the kitchen and the other in our bedroom. I really would like to install my modem in my bedroom but the dsl doesnt work when connected to that jack. However it does work o when connected to the kitchen jack. So the only way I can use my internet is to have my modem / router setup in the kitchen, which looks really ridiculous. How can I get the other jack to work for my internet? I dont know if there is a handy trick that I can do myself or is it something my apartment maintenance can take care of or is it something that only Verizon can do? Simply want to move my modem to the bedroom instead of the kitchen, thats all.

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Re: DSL wont work on a different jack
Specialist - Level 2

I would test the jack first with a telephone, if that fails I would get someone to troubleshoot the jack and/or the wiring but there is no need I am aware of to get verizon involved.

Re: DSL wont work on a different jack
Specialist - Level 3

Since it appears to be a phone wiring problem, three are two easy and cheap things to check that will hopefully fix it.

  • Pick up a phone line splitter.  That is a jack that plugs into your phone jack and provides separate jacks for Line1 and Line2. Try your modem on each.   (A previous tenant may have rewired the jack.)
  • Go go the phone junction box and see if there is a line from the apartment that isn't connected.

If  neither of those solve the problem you will need to look for a more extensive line problems.  Verizon may be an expensive option for a phone line repair so if apartment maintenance can't fix it, I would look around for someone cheaper.

Re: DSL wont work on a different jack
Super User
Super User

As a note, if a telephone does in fact work when connected to the bedroom phone jack, it could be possible that at some point, someone used DSL in your apartment and had a homerun installed. A homerun is essentially a setup where your DSL signal is filtered out at the NID (Network Interface Device), and a single jack is chosen in your house to deliver DSL service.

Just a thought. There could be some other problems too like a polarity issue that might be bothering the DSL (unlikely, though), or the jack could just have a very bad connection to the copper line.