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Dial-Up Account Still Required?

My primary interet provider is not Veizon. I have been keeping my Verizon dial-up account active so that I could continue to access my old ".gte" email address that I have had for more than 20 years over the Web. Now that Verizon email has been moved to AOL, do I still need to maintaine that dial-up acount or can I cancell that account and still access my old ".gte" account through AOL?  In other words, will cancelling my dial-up account automaticaly terminate my old email address?

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Re: Dial-Up Account Still Required?
Super User
Super User

Verizon used to have a service called "Verizon My Domain" which would allow customers to disconnect Internet service but keep their Verizon e-mail address. That service was discontinued. I am not aware of a way to keep an e-mail address short of continuing to subscribe to service.

With some providers, such as Verizon Yahoo mail, your e-mail address will change but your inbox will remain the same if your Verizon account is closed. Now that Verizon mail is moving to AOL mail, I don't know how Verizon treats such situations quite yet. They'll probably advise you to change to a e-mail address.