Difficulty with signing up for new FIOS service with Verizon... WHY?

Thought I would share my experience with others on this forum to see if I can get some directions to reach a resolution...

I'm a Spectrum customer trying to switch to Verizon FIOS!  I've been unhappy with Spectrum's spotty internet connection at my home so interested in trying out FIOS.

Jan 19 2018: I placed an online order for Verizon FIOS internet service only for my zip code 07650.  Signed up for the 50/50, option to purchase the modem and not rent for $39.99/month. Can't beat that. Great, scheduled the technician to come on Feb 2, 8-10AM slot.  Even went through the credit check verification and everything is set.

Feb 2: It's past 11AM and no technician arrived.  So I called to inquire and the gentleman said that there's no order in place under my phone # or my address.  What the?  He confirmed that he sees my attempt in their system.  But that I initiated the online purchase process but never completed the order.  Okay?  Somewhat frustrated, I asked him to finalize the order for me over the phone and scheduled another tech to come on the following Fri Feb 9, 8-10AM slot.  He informed me that since my original attempt to purchase was in the system, he had to speak with his supervisor to cancel the original order since it was be a breach to have two pending orders in their system. Great news was that he said there was a better promotion 100 up/100 down - awesome, please do what needs to be done. Finally, to review/confirm the new (second) order, he asked me if I want to accept it via email or text msg.  I chose the text msg method via mobile phone because I was already on the phone with him.  Agreed the T/C's and everything was finalized for the tech to come/install on Feb 9.

Feb 9:  It's around 930AM and I'm anticipating for the tech's arrival.  Note that I didn't receive any text alert or call (I was told that they would text me in advance).  It's was at 11AM that I decided to call VZ through their customer service maze which took about 20 minutes to get through a human.  Patricia was nice but told me the dreadful news that my apt. wasn't in their system.  **bleep**!  She also informed me much like the gentleman on Feb 2 that the Jan 19 order is still pending.  Further, it was probably the reason why today's order never went through.  She tried to help me but said that she couldn't cancel the original order since the system didn't let her but I had to speak with someone else to cancel.  She simply forwarded me to another department who I had to start all over.  What's frustrating is that I had to wait another 20 minutes but the new rep had no idea what I needed/wanted.  Why couldn't Patricia put me on hold and relay my needs/requirements within their internal protocol/process without the need for me to explain everything again?  UGH.  The last rep had no idea what to do but to forward my call once again to another department which I was told by the robot that the waiting period will be another 40 minutes with no options to have them call me back.  NO THANKS.

If it's this hard to sign up for a service, can't imagine what it'll be like to already be a customer or even to cancel service.  Is it really that bad?  Anybody else experience something smiliar or can give me pointers?  I'm really ready to change out of Spectrum and I have no other provider options here.

Re: Difficulty with signing up for new FIOS service with Verizon... WHY?
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.