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Disappointed Customer
Enthusiast - Level 1

Signed up for FIOS phone and internet service.  Scheduled with 2 weeks advanced notice.  Chose an installation window of 1-3 pm.  Date of install arrives only to find myself attempting to contact customer service at 2:43pm to find out if the Tech was still coming, since all I received were notifications that the tech was "enroute" for a 1-3 pm installation.  With Verizon being the "king of communication" the only means of communication I had with customer service was via "chat" from my mobile phone.  The customer service rep was unable to call me so I had to continue to "chat/text" to try to determine the whereabouts of my tech.  Ultimately getting disconnected from the customer service rep, I had to engage in another round of "chatting/texting" with a brand new representative with whom I also received no answer.  I finally found a number to call- in so doing was told there would be a 36-58 minute wait time so I entered my call back number and name and again continued to wait.  The tech finally matierialized at 4:15pm- only to discover that conduit had not been trenched therefore he was unable to complete the installation.  He proceeded to contact his supervisor who took the liberty of dispatching a "trench team" who arrived at the scene to install conduit for the tech to run his cable through.  Now after feeling as if Verizon had no respect for my time- I finally received a call back from customer service.  I requested that I be reimbursed for the time that I spent waiting for my installation.  I felt a fair compromise would be to discount my monthly subscription for phone and internet to that of the FIOS "triple play" (which coincidentally was cheaper than just phone & internet alone).  As well I requested that the representative guarantee my rate for two years instead of the one year- afterwhich the rates were going to increase.  The representative refused to provide me with a two year rate guarantee.  I therefore asked all of the men in my driveway to leave.  Beware!!!  Verizon has no respect for your time and although they attempt to bate and switch you with a low monthly rate now - the rates will eventually escalate upward.

Re: Disappointed Customer

God that is a long post.

Lets see your issue is 

1) the tech arrived late. But did show up withing a few hours of the stated time.

    which is not a guranteed show up time.

2) Verizon did not lay the fiber. But when the techh was there he did have it put in so you coud have service. 

3) Now because the tech missed his window of arrival you want a huge discount for the service. Which verizon does not have to give you.

4) you are now complaining that there will be a price increase within 2 years. which every other service is doing and at a far faster rate. Cable raises rates constantly and for less speeds. 

All in all you did get installed, and the service will be good. at least in my neighborhood it is. But I live in a suburb. 

You have to calm down a mite and tackle the rate increases when they actually happen. Not before they occur. Just enjoy the fios service.