Download speeds not nearly matching advertised DL speed

When I download a large file i get approximately 10-15mb/s not the 100 mb/s I pay for.  I have run trace routes and there are no slow nodes, nothing losing packets... it is simply i am not getting anywhere near the speed I should.  I even once had a friend host a file and used my wired desktop and my cellulular service to see which one would download faster and my **bleep** cell phone won.  I pay for 100MB/s and get 10MB/s downloads.  I have a huge folder filled with printouts of all the tracerroutes and pings I have run.  I don't understand why i don't get my promised speeds.

    I have run the verizon fios optimizer application, all it it did was turn off my firewall and that still had no effect on my donwloads.  I would be happy even with 80% of my promised speed on average but I dont even get that.  10% of the speed you said I would get is unacceptable. Figure this out or lose a customer.

Re: Download speeds not nearly matching advertised DL speed
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Start by forgetting about the file your downloading because when you call Verizon to check the network everything will have to be checked at home first.

Wired connection as always.

speedtest at get 3 test for the NT to check the network otherwise they wont take the call from the agent and it has to be on verizon page anything other then that and its consider outside of the network.

doing the basic troubleshoot will speed things up otherwise the agent will have you do  them first. if your Moca reseat the coax and power cycle the router give it 15 seconds then plug everything back in if your ethernet do same steps.

if your Ethernet which means the ethernet is going to your router from the ont bypass it and connect straight to it . this step will require a agent as they have to release the ip  from the network so your computer connects to the network and run speedtest again.

if your results are the same then just let them know the 3 results both down and upload then a NT will check the cross connects to make sure they are even built correct and other things on your ONT after that if its clear and your download are still suffering but your upload is not then they will contact another department to fix it.

most times you wont need a dispatch because its something that was just not correct or a quick rebuilt will fix it but if a tech does go out they will check speeds at the ONT directly and if the speeds are correct to your provisioning or in the 10% of your profile then it is then consider outside of verizon if same issue then the tech himself will contact a NT again.

Re: Download speeds not nearly matching advertised DL speed
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Just to make sure, you are not mixing up bits from Bytes, correct? There are 8 bits to a Byte. Internet packages are sold by bits whereas download speeds display as Bytes.

if you are getting 12MB/s, that is on par with a 100Mbps connection. Notice how I formatted the unit at the end of the number.