DynDns.Org --Setup for Actiontec Router?
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Dynamic DNS setup for Actiontec Router?

I am setting up under dyndns.org-- but hte names avail thru the provider drop down are dyndns.org

When I setup my account and host-- teh names available are myhostname.dnsalias.com

When I select the dyndns.org as provider and test my newly paid for DynDNS PRO Host-- pointed to the IP addess from Verizon

... and it errors when I apply -- and refresh--

i entered myhostname.dnsalias.com

and it fails with

Error - No such host in the system

How do I set this up??? I want to eventually rdp into my netowrk remoetly while I am on the road.

What about documentaion to describe the various opions- where is this?

such as Wild cards , and Custom DNS?

Any help appreciated.

Re: DynDns.Org --Setup for Actiontec Router?
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Wildcards exist so that you can use subdomains on your Dynamic DNS setup, so if you want something like pc1.your.dyndns.org address, it will work rather than give an error when a DNS server tries to look it up. Custom DNS is also used for the same purpose, for creating CNAMES, A Records, etc instead of using WIldcards.

When entering in the DynDNS name, I assume you are entering in the domain correctly without any special characters, and nothing more than say "yourdyndns.org." Short of that, if your DynDNS account is configured correctly to allow remote DNS changes (they should be out of the box), it should just be a matter of username and password.

Does the domain information update correctly using DynDNS's own updater? Install it as a test to see if it does.