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Early Termination Fee - Verizon Does not VALUE loyal customers

Problem in plain black and white: I am moving out but I would have liked to transfer my service to the new tenant since Verizon Fios is already installed in the apartment. The new tenant doesn't want cable just internet. I called Verizon Customer Service and even though I am transferring my account to new clients AND giving them business, they are still charging me an early termination fee of $70. If I cancel the service in general to break contract $70 regardless, so it's a lose lose.

I have been with verizon for 3 years and planned on installing Verizon Fios in my next apartment but after the horrible customer service, I will NOT be renewing anything with Verizon. They clearly do not value loyal customers so...Time Warner, RCN, I come. I give them new business, they fine me and if I take away my business, they fine me. Might as well take my business elsewhere! Absolutely appalled and disappointed in their customer service. Thanks for nothing!!

Re: Early Termination Fee - Verizon Does not VALUE loyal customers
Super User
Super User

You would probably have the same response from those providers as well.

Just about all of them charge an ETF.

Just like the major cell phone providers.

Re: Early Termination Fee - Verizon Does not VALUE loyal customers
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Super User

If you're moving to a new place with FiOS available, ask Verizon to relocate your services instead. This should prevent the Early Termination Fees and bring your service along with you. Then your new tenant can order FiOS Internet on their own. Unless there's more to the story that I'm not catching?