Early Termination Fees
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Where can I find information about Verizon's early termination fees? All live found so far is information about cancelling a double-play or tripple-play. They don't specify how much it is to cancel an internet only plan. I have about 20 months left on my contract. Is there a calculator or table somewhere that I can find my ETF?

Re: Early Termination Fees

While I cannot give an exact amount, you can get a good idea from any paper ad or even from the ads on Verizon's main site.  It is most always posted in the small printed terms as "ETF".

In general I believe it is around $10 a month left on your contract.  If you are upgrading services, then I believe they waive the fee.  If you need to cancel because you are moving and the particular Verizon service is not available in that area, I believe the fee is waived as well.

You could also go through the process of upgrading your services online to the next available speed. DO NOT SUBMIT ANY ORDERS.  The terms should be listed either with the plan or in the cart.

If all else fails call or use the online chat features.

Re: Early Termination Fees
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You can sign into your Verizon account, go to add/change services once you are on the add/upgrade page there should be a link to your specific terms of service/contract there.