Enrollment Upgrade Period

For the last three years I have communicated with Verizon in an attempt to upgrade my internet service (only) to a faster speed than 0.5-1.0 gps. I think Verizon ought to offer an enrollment period when one can actually upgrade their service and not be stuck in the same hole for what seems to be, forever. I believe that if Verizon offered me, and millions of other customers, the chance to upgrade, they would make more money and happy customers to boot. Unfortunately I am in a zone where Verizon is chief of the pack, and there are no other services, except Direct TV available. Perhaps the threat of switching may be helpful, but I seriously doubt this corporate monopoly will care much.

I have also contacted Verzion for the last five years asking when FIOS would be available in my area- please wait, your concern is being tabled until further notice: bah humbug! Either you will or will not have that service available, and you should stop dangling the carrot.... I am not a rabbit!

Today the only way I could access my account online was to use Google Chrome.... both Safari and Firefox were dead, at least in my area. Then to wait on the phone to tell them what worked and what did not was a pain... The Waiting Game. So I write and almost feel better letting the community know.

If you know of some way to upgrade without adding a phone or TV service, let me know. I love exploring the possibilities.