Establishing a coax wired home internet network

Goal - establish an internet connection through my house's coax network to provide a wired connection to my office on the second floor of my house.

I recently moved to a new house. The new house was already wired for Fios. The problem is that the wiring comes in through the basement where the ONT is located. The ONT is configured to provide internet to a router via an ethernet connection. The ONT also has a coax cable running from it to a splitter that has several coax cables coming off of it that run to various places in the house as well as one dedicated for the router. I am currently set up with an ASUS RT-1900 connected to the internet using only the ethernet from the ONT - I do not have the coax that is meant for the router connected to anything. I also have a G1100 from Verizon that I'm not doing anything with at the moment.

Through my research I have found that I will need to purchase a MoCA adapter such as the actiontec ECB6000S02 that I will connect to the coax jack in my office and I can then connect an ethernet switch to that adapter to provide multiple ethernet outputs to various devices in my office. What I am unsure about is will I need to use my G1100 instead of my Asus router in the basement - obviously, I would prefer to use my Asus router? Also, will I have to call Verizon to have them reconfigure the ONT to use the coax output for internet and then use the coax cable from the splitter and connect that to the G1100 instead of the ethernet cable?

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Re: Establishing a coax wired home internet network

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Re: Establishing a coax wired home internet network
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What I did was to buy a pair of ECB 6200s from Amazon (but the 6000s work the same as far as I know). I connected one to a port on one of my switches using an Ethernet cable. I connected the other end to my house's coax (which happens to be near the ONT, but it need not be). Then upstairs where I needed an Ethernet connection, I connected the coax to the other ECB 6200 and the Ethernet port to a Roku streaming box. I could have connected it to a switch up there and then from the switch to my Roku. I may even do that in the future if (more like when) I get something else up there that needs Ethernet.

One warning though is that you may have to disconnect the coax coming in from the ONT. It is also using MoCA (for the guide info for Verizon's STBs and DVRs) and might have an issue with more than once source of that data. It might not. Won't hurt to try it both ways.

If you have any Verizon STBs/DVRs, this might be a more interesting problem. I would assume if you disconnect the cable from the ONT, but instead add your own MoCA adapter to the cable inside your house, the STBs/DVRs can use that source (assuming they are MoCA 2.0 [and maybe MoCA 1.1 - I'm a bit fuzzy there] compatible). I'm not using any Verizon STBs (as of last Saturday).