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Ethernet connection and better router
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How can I get Ethernet connection instead of coax.   I also want to use a different and better router can I do it

Re: Ethernet connection and better router
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Thank you for your post. I sent you a private message to assist.

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Re: Ethernet connection and better router
Super User
Super User

I'm assuming this is for FiOS.

If you want an Ethernet connection from the ONT, you will need to run your own cable (CAT5e or CAT6) from the location where your router would be located, to the ONT. From there, you would need to contact the Fiber Solutions Center and ask them to move the ONT from MoCa to Ethernet. It takes a few minutes at most to do since it is a software setting in the ONT. Once that is done, the Ethernet port on the ONT should become active, and MoCa WAN should stop working. Leave the Coax connected to the ActionTec/Westell for now.

Once the connection is seen as working, consider what you are looking to achieve. If you have FiOS TV, the provided ActionTec or Westell router will be required to be in the mix, either hung off of your router or set up as the primary. If you do not wish to use it, you will need to purchase a NIM100 (A MoCa Adapter) to allow the FiOS TV Set Top Boxes to communicate with the Verizon network for Guide data and Video on Demand. This is a requirement. Just keep in mind, without the Verizon router being the primary router, you will be unable to use Remote DVR or receive On-Screen Caller ID. I'm sure there is a way to get them working, but since I do not have FiOS I cannot say how that would be done as I've not tried it. Keep in mind, the Verizon router must also not be using the same IP Address as your primary router. Ideally, using it as a switch/Access Point and disabling DHCP would be the best way to set it up.

If you do not have FiOS TV or you understand what you will be unable to do, please proceed with connecting your own router. Ensure that the router you are connecting is recent, such that it would provide Gigabit connectivity and/or Wireless N connectivity. If the router is unable to obtain an IP address from Verizon, call up the FSC and ask them to break the DHCP lease on your connection, or leave the router powered off overnight to break the lease. Both methods should allow your router to work.

Once you're up and running, ensure the Set Top Boxes, if you have FiOS TV are able to communicate with the network by opening up the Widgets or by trying Video On Demand. In addition, ensure your router is handing the connection as it should be by running file transfers (Speed Tests, downloads, uploads) to ensure it is able to handle your paid package. Loading down the connection by running Video on Demand in High Definition in the past has also been known to boost Internet speeds, so ensure the router continues to handle the load during a VOD session as well.

This is just a basic guide. A search around DSLReports' FAQs for FiOS will give you tons of options for using your own router and also detail it much more accurately than I would.