Excellent Customer Service

Verizon has excellent customer service that is why you should stick with them.

-Verizon told me my installation date was going to be September 9th.  Instead of sending me my modem on time, Verizon sent me my modem September 11th. 

-My service was wired to the wrong switchbank so when I set up the internet it wasn't working whatsoever

-I took a half day off of work that Friday the 13th and the technician never called me

-A technician finally came to my place Saturday the 14th, but I still received no internet.  I called and a rep said that I would receive my internet the following day the 15th.  When I called the 15th they had no one working that day.

-Finally my internet is repaired on September 16th a Monday (one full week after my installation date).  However, my internet speed was still slow.  I had to call again on September 17th to finally recieve high speed internet.

When I called for a credit I recieved a $7.49 credit for all my troubles.  Golly gee isn't Verizon customer service the best?    😉