FIOS Internet - Poor Service

After months of harassing phone calls, mailers and reps coming to my door to convince us to switch to FIOS, a rep (who was more like a used car salesman) and his helper (who hid behind him) told me that if we didn't switch to FIOS right then that we would lose our internet service that day.  After several minutes of back and forth with this character, I relented and signed up for the service. I was promised no one would come over and tear up my yard and I would be amazed at how much faster the internet would be.  Next thing I know, a crew came over, spray painted and tore up my side yard, put a hole in my walkway, did a poor job patching it up and left.  Then a contractor came over, told me he'd have to drill a hole in the side of my house and when I told him no way, he put a wireless remote in my USB port which has never worked properly since.  On top of that, I was charged $75 for the contractor which no one told me about and it took months to get that off my bill. To this day I've made several calls for tech help because the internet is constantly down.  I never had these problems with DSL.  Where's the amazing speed I was promised. WHAT A JOKE.  Had to make another call today because my service was down.  This is like Obamacare.  Shoved down our throats whether we like it or not and is not what is promised. 

Re: FIOS Internet - Poor Service
Customer Service Rep


We're sorry to hear that your experience was like this. With what you've described, we can understand why you feel the way that you feel. We would like to help you in this situation. We're going to send you a private message which will have a live chat link that you can use to speak with us privately so that we can gather information and help you get to a resolution on the service issues and anything else that we need to address. Please use that link and allow us to help! We just want to have an opportunity to change this experience around for you.