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For the last two months Verizon FIOS TV and Internet under the double bundle continue to be billed separately! I'm able to pay the TV through My Verizon (which is not working properly either). However, I'm not getting a bill for FIOS Internet and my account has been erroneously sent to collections once already. When I call, I keep getting told my account is in good balance, then I get the Internet cut off and I have to call to figure out what's going on!

This is ridiculous! I think there's better service in third world countries for crying out loud! There are no words to explain this debacle of a company. I written a letter about a month ago and I haven't received a response. Next thing will be suing them for breach of contract based on all the recorded mistakes, deficiencies and time loss trying to make things right.

I'm Furious!

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Try PMing one of the techs with their name in blue. One of them should be able to assist you with your problem.
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Hey there.  Sorry about that trouble.  If you send me the name or number on the account I will get in touch with our business office and get this straightened out for you.