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FIOS install questions...

I have a few questions about my installation...

My existing telephone box:


I live in a townhouse so I guess they're going to remove that little box and install a larger ONT above it?

To do that they're going to have to remove the three screws that hold the current box in place and probably remove the additional three screws holding that wiring in place.

Will they patch the holes left in the aluminum siding from removing the old box and cable?

My basement is half drop ceiling, half drywall ceiling. Unfortunately where the telephone and power comes in is the drywall ceiling. Theoritically you could go up through the drop ceiling and get to that wall, going over top of the drywall ceiling, but it's like 20 feet away. Are they going to have to drill a hole in my ceiling? 

Instead of putting up a huge external ONT, could I request they put in an interiror ONT, like they do in single family homes?

My cable modem and router is in the living room, on the gound floor of the house. I prefer it to be on the ground floor instead of the basement, where the FIOS internal or external ONT would be coming in. If I want to keep my modem/router in the living room are they going to have to run ethernet from the ONT, through the house, to the living room? Do they put in a wall jack or will it just be a cable hanging out of the floor?

Is there anyway to have someone come out and answer these questions rather than waiting for instlalation day?

Re: FIOS install questions...

No one is going to come out before your install date.

The next thing is the tech will probably put the ont in your basement. Then they will hook the Fios router close by.  That is the quickest way. Now if you ask them they could put the ont on the outside then drill a small hole through your wall to an area you designated and run the cat5e ethernet to the routers location. Fios does not use modems.

some installers may have a small inside ONT with them and can put it inside right next to your router. However the fiber drop would still be connected to it, alas a hole would be drilled through the wall to the ONT. They do use a type of weather proof gel when they make holes. So they will plug them.

the location or device they use is mostly at their discretion.

Make sure it’s all speed tested etc before they leave. 

Fios is a great product.