FIOS not delivering 25/25 Internet Speed

On the advice of another post I turned off and on (and unplugged the battery) for the FIOS unit. I did not restart my router. I did install the Mac Broadband Tuner.
Speeds are now slower than they were before!
Please help.
My Plan:
VZ FiOS Consumer Annual Plan or Bundle Offer
FiOS Internet Speeds Up to 25 Mbps/25 Mbps
After installation of the Apple Broadband Tuner 1.0
Download Speed 18.25 Mbps
Upload Speed 14.64 Mbps
Download Speed 17.56 Mbps
Upload Speed 15.20
After turning off and on the base: 
Download Speed: 11.18 Mbps

Upload Speed: 12.31 Mbps

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