FRUSTRATED beyond belief!!!!!

OK so we finally get Verizon DSL available in our area Feb.2012. (WONDERFUL) we are so excited!!! Then we sign up and there are issues that we can't bundle fine but we still get the service. Next we don't get a bill...hmm.I call they say it will be fixed next month..OK the next month we call again and again then In June one of the reps change our service without our permission I call back not even 2 days later to find out why our internet is running slow and shutting off and I am told one of the reps lowered our package and that there is no way to fix it cause that line was already filled WHAT!!!!!! OK and so we looked for another provider and Verizon has a monopoly on DSL service in this area.....Anyone know of anything I can do? I want to file a complaint with  Verizon but not sure how to do that any help would be wonderful!