FTP timeout connect back loop back problems
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I was using an Actiontec MI424WR Rev D with no problems what so ever. I literally loved my FIOS Internet connection with all of my heart.

Then I moved and they installed the new Rev E router. Supposed to be all that and a bag of chips. It has a dual core 64bit processor that is supposed to make your connection more stable since it can handle streaming more data to the various components connected to it like your TV's, Laptops, Phones, Computers, etc...

The first thing I noticed (I am a webmaster by trade) is that whenever I connected via FTP to just about any server I owned or working on, it timed out before working. Time stamped it would look like this:

Time - old action - new action

00:00 - click connect - click connect

00:01 - connecting - connecting

00:02 - connected - waiting to connect

00:04 - opening a directory (listing) - waiting still

00:05 - opening a file for editing - waiting

00:20 - save the file and test in browser - waiting

00:25 - need more edits - waiting

00:30 - edits made, saving - timed out connection

00:32 - previewing in browser - click to connect again

00:35 - done - just finally connecting

Something that should take less than a minute ends up taking much more because when I go to save I usually have to do this all over again if I take more than a minute or two during the editing or last interaction with the server.

I have tried FF's extension for FTP, Dreamweaver, Cute FTP and more and everything has the same problem!

So I switched to my old router.. Rev D... supposedly it is supposed to be crappier...

FTP works like a charm.. In fact, I just tested it and I was able to do a listing immediately. Opened a file and saved it in 2 seconds...

So Verizon, your new router that was supposed to be kickass, sucks ass!

Re: FTP timeout connect back loop back problems
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Hey did you try a hard reset on the new router do you have any port settings on your old router if you don't we recommend that you press and hold the reset button in for 30secs while the new router is power on.

Re: FTP timeout connect back loop back problems
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Yes, I did try a hard reset. It was the router...

So now I upgraded my router to the Rev I. and guess what? The problem is back.

I have remidied the problem with my SSH connection by telling Putty to send a ping every 10 seconds to keep the connection alive. With Dreamweaver there is no option to do this in order to keep the connection alive. So after about 60 seconds of no FTP activity I have to reconnect. Instead of having a smooth connection it times out on the first try every time. So I have to wait 30 seconds and then try again, and it will connect that second time just fine. I can browse directories lightning fast and whatnot. But when I get to editing something for 4 minutes and then hit save it tries to connect... waiting... waiting... timeout... try again... waiting...waiting... timeout. Try again, good it connected... But as you can see I just did 6 minutes of "work" and 2 of them, or 33% of my time was spent trying to reconnect with my server.

This happens for all 10 servers with 10 different companies, some of them in other countries, most all over america. SSH works on the first try, however, unless I set it to ping every 10 seconds it will timeout and I will have to relogin again.

With my old router everything worked as it should. I connected to FTP or SSH and it stayed that way until I logged off. I could work for hours without having to wait all of the time. This has seriously cut into my ability to work from home as I cannot get anything done since I am always waiting for connections to restablish.