Fake Alert Rena clemem Trojan

I believe I'm getting a fake alert. My computer locked:

A picture of my living room (The camera was not on, but it was a present state accurate picture.)

A official notice of criminal activity (Child Porn??)

Request I go to 7 11 and pay 300.00 to get a code to unlock my locked computer.

The screen reflected a photograph of my living room

Stated all of my files had been locked and encrypted. (major concern)


Federal Law Penal Code violated

Directions to with bar code telling me how to go to 711 and get a code to type in to unlock my computer for 300.00

Concerned about the pictures I called 911 and they state they had never heard of such.

Verizon Internet Security Scan identified 2 virus and removed.

However, when I tried to click link for Verizon Live Help, there was a screaching sound and a fake icon appeared representing internet security.

I ran Verizon Security suite again and it removed the Icon. However I took pictures describing all above, in case replication was not possible.

My concern is about the pictures of my computer area. 

When I started filling out Verizon link to connect me to Verizon Online Live help a loud screach and the Verizon site disappeared. 

How can 

Re: Fake Alert Rena clemem Trojan
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Super User

Try to boot the computer into Safe Mode to get around this so the malware can be cleaned out. To do this, reboot your computer, and before you see the "Windows is Starting Up" Splash screen or boot animation, start pressing the F8 key. You should get a Windows Boot Manager screen. Use the arrow keys to select Safe Mode.

From Safe Mode, run System Restore to a point in time where this malware wasn't present. A good pick is a Windows Update. If System Restore doesn't work or isn't working in this case, then reboot the system again into Safe Mode with Networking. Download and install a copy of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware if possible. Otherwise, consider using Spybot Search & Destroy or SUPERAntiSpyware Portable, both of which should run. Use one or more of these programs to scan the computer (do a full scan) and disinfect the machine. Once items have been removed, reboot the system once more.

System Restore is often found in Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore

Once you're in and the computer appears to be working normally, you'll want to check over some additional things. If at this point you haven't performed a scan with at least MalwareBytes, please do so.

1: Check Internet Explorer's Proxy settings. Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options (maybe under the Network & Internet section). Click on the Connection Tab, and then click on "LAN Settings." Make sure Auto Detect proxy settings and use a proxy server is unchecked

2: Check your DNS servers. Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections if you run WIndows XP. If you run Vista or WIndows 7, go to Start, Control Panel, Network & Sharing Center, and then select Manage Network Adapters from the left column of the window. Once here, right click on your network adapter. It may be called Local Area Connection, or Wireless Network Connection. Select Properties. Select the "Internet Protocol Version 4" component, and then click on Properties. Take care not to uncheck this! In properties, make sure Obtain DNS Servers Autoamatically is checked.

3: Once these two items are set, go online. Make sure the Internet works fine, and make sure VISS is working correctly. From here, check for and install updates to all browser plug-ins, including Adobe Flash, and especially Java and Adobe Reader. Java and Adobe Reader tend to be an absolute mess for attracting malware.