Fios slow in North Jersey this week???

Extremely slow connection this week. Paying for 25/25 internet and looking at speeds dropping down to 6.01/8.73 on recent speed test. This is hardwired to MI424WR-GEN2 router. I've already rebooted the router. I shut off wireless and have only one computer hardwired to the router. 

Re: Fios slow in North Jersey this week???
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Reboot meaning power cycle (unplugging or using power switch) or factory resetting?  (Little red button recessed on back of router?). 

If you haven't done factory reset, give that a shot.  If that fails, you can call the FSC to see about rebooting your ONT (Optical Network Terminal), or if you're technologically inclined, you can do it manually by disconnecting battery from your FiOS Battery Backup Unit and unplugging power cord from outlet and letting everything be for 3-4 minutes. 

If that fails, you're most likely looking at a new router.