Frustrating, Unneccessary Internet Bill Charge
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I am an airman that has just moved from Misawa Air Base, Japan to Fort Meade, Maryland.  When I moved, I returned my modem and cancelled my service with Verizon because I was no longer obligated to use Verizon internet services.  However, the Verizon in Misawa is very disorganized and does not communicate very well and I now have a $190.00 charge for supposedly not returning my modem.  Aside from that, I have not received a hard copy of the actual bill.  This happened last month around this time - I called Verizon and after many frustrating hours of "customer service" they said they couldn't even find my account information.  However, a few days later, the charge disappeared from my bank statement.  I thought it was resolved and I could move on, but then this charge appeared today. 

I don't know how to best resolve this issue, as contacting the main customer service has been largely unsuccessful.  I could use any advice offered, but this has vastlly changed my opinion on this company towards the worst.

Thank you