G1100 Router and MoCA set up - 75/75 plan plus tv and phone service
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I've seen some posts on this subject and I apologize for repeating this if there is already an answer but I am having all kinds of issues getting into and staying in these forums and Verizon tech support hasn't been able to track down the issue.  This is the first time in 3 days I've been able to post this question.  So I have this router on our 2nd floor of our house and have our Xbox One two floors down in the basement. The speed on the One is routinely terrible so I am looking for a fix but trying to drop a line from our router down to the One is not an option at the moment.  It lookls like using a MoCA adapter should work and I've been in touch with Actiontech and they believe one of their units would work but said they did not want to give me advice on which one until I contacted Verizon and asked for some info.  Well, I tried for over an hour with 3 different techs and couldn't get an answer.  I think I only need one adapter downstairs as their is a coax and STB installed there.  My router is also fed by coax.  My questions: which unit do I need and do I need 1.1 or 2.0?  Also, I think I need to get a fast enough splitter to handle the tv split so suggestions on that would be great.  So amongst the adapters, these are what I see and am wondering which I need.  Clearly I'm not a real tech on this sort of thing but other sites seem to show this setup should work and that my router should be able to handle this.  Thanks in advance and again, apologies if there is already an answer for this.   I'm trying to type fast and want to hit post before this site kicks me out again!  If there are other options, I would appreciate hearing about those but this seems to be the easiest given my current setup and equipment.