HELP: Extremely slow UPLOAD speed (Long Island, NY)
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A little over a month ago, I signed up for the Verizon double play, home phone & high speed internet for $29.99.  I have had nothing but problems since.  I am on Long Island, NY.

At first, we experienced our home phone would not have a dial tone during a rain storm and the dsl would lose connection.  After calling tech support, they sent a verizon tech to supposedly repair the outside lines. 

Now a week later, I find that the internet speed is very slow. I am using a Westell 7500.  When doing a speakeasy speedtest the download is 796kbps and the upload is at 75kbps or even sometimes lower at 20 or 10kbps.

Called tech support for hours and finally they sent a technician to the home to test the jack.  He said it looked good and the connection speed was actually faster than what I was provisioned for.  He came to the conclusion it was a defective modem.  They sent me a replacement modem and I'm still having the slow upload problem.   To rule out any wiring problem in the home, I even changed out all the old phone wire to new CAT5 wire, and this did not improve the connection.

Here are the Transceiver Statistics:

Transceiver Revision A2pB020b3.d20h Vendor ID Code 4D54 Line Mode ADSL_G.dmt Data Path INTERLEAVED   Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 928 448 Margin (dB) 8.7 14.0 Line Attenuation (dB) 63.5 31.5 Transmit Power (dBm) 16.1 11.9

It says the upstream is 448, but I never get anywhere close to that speed.  My slow upload causes almost unusable internet.

I only have 2 phone jacks wired in the house and its all new CAT5 going to the NID.  The NID is new, that they installed when I first signed up.  One phone jack for the dsl modem and one jack for a cordless phone set.  The dsl filter is on the jack with the phone and the computer is connected with ethernet wire to the modem router.

Does anyone know how this can be fixed?  When I keep calling tech support all I seem to get is the run-around on hold for over an hour each time and they never fix anything.   My thinking is it has to be something on the copper line outside.

If this is the service you get with verizon, I think I'll be switching back to cable if they can't fix this real soon.

Re: HELP: Extremely slow UPLOAD speed (Long Island, NY)
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An upstream sync rate of 448kbps will give you 390kbps of usable bandwidth after overhead. Figured I would get that out of the way for you right off of the bat.

I see you're subscribed to the 1Mbps provisioning as well. Your line isn't syncing correctly on the downstream, as the correct speed for that is 1184kbps. Get Verizon back out to get that improved, and we'll work from there to figure out the upload issue. If there is no issue with your line, ADSL2+ may work , Reach-Extended ADSL may work as well. Short of that, it's turning the speed down more than it already is due to distance if Verizon can't find a shorter way to the DSLAM.