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Help! Westell 7500 bricked....

Westell 7500

I accidentally hit the power switch on my surge protector last night when unplugging my laptop.  The modem is plugged into the same strip.  I estimate that the power was off for not more than about two minutes before I realized it and turned it back on.

Now all I get is RED Power and AMBER DSL indicators.  According to the manual, the RED Power indicates a device malfunction while the AMBER DSL indicates that the unit is in "safeboot" mode.

Any ideas on whether or not I can correct this myself?  Or am I going to have to throw myself at the mercy of Verizon/FairPoint's already poorly-rated customer service?


Re: Help! Westell 7500 bricked....
Super User
Super User

That makes me very worried.

I suspect I know what happened.

They were upgrading your equipment remotely, while you turned it off - by accident?

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Re: Help! Westell 7500 bricked....
Contributor - Level 3
Have you tried taking a pen and hitting the reset on the back of the modem?