Hooking up my Netflix to DSL (non fios)

I presently have DSL connection (non FIOS) from phone jack to my computer with modem etc and it works great....Problem:  I want to connect my bluray player to internet but computer is too far from tv.  There is however a phone jack with DSL connector near phone.  What do I need to do to connect dsl connector to Bluray player so I can receive Netflix?  Appreciate anything anyone can offer.  You can write me at{edited for privacy}



Re: Hooking up my Netflix to DSL (non fios)
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I'm not sure about the DSL connection by the phone, but I have my Blueray hooked up through my computer DSL using a long cable and Linksys modem (to access Netflix/YouTube/etc.).  I tried running it wirelessly, but the signal was weak going through several walls, instead I went to Overstock.com and bought a reasonably priced 50-foot cable to run from the player to the modem (only needed about 25 feet, but like to move things around).  I just ran the cable under the carpet and haven't had any problems streaming at all.