How is FIOS Internet

I was just wondering if anyone is liking Verizon FiOS Internet service and is it what they say it is?

Dose anyone have Playstation 3 that is hooked up to FiOS - I was just wondering since at some point we might switch FiOS internet and TV 

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Verizon will be coming out with 64 bit routers by the end of the year. I would wait until they do. All the TV updates should be done by then and you will get the new router during the install.
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I am not really sure why Telcoguru would recommend you wait, I don't think I care about a 64-bit router (why should I? Serious question). I have had FiOS internet for over 3 years, TV for one month short of 3 years. Great service, very good support.

If my internet service has ever failed, I am not aware of it - my wife and I like to take cruises, plus we have another house (unfortunately not in Verizon territory), so we tend to be away for sometimes several weeks at a time. But when I have been home it has worked every time, and pretty much flawlessly. I really have only two complaints about FiOS internet: 1) occasionally the email servers are very slow, even to the extent that emails sent to me don't arrive until the next day (has only happened a few times, but is irritating when it happens), and 2) increasingly slow DNS service, especially in the last month or so, so I have switched to using OpenDNS and that problem no longer exists.

And FWIW, the only complaint I have about the TV service is that apparently my area is going to be the last, or nearly the last, one to get the expanded HD channel lineup. We here in Keller, TX were first to get the FiOS TV service, and now we are going to be last to get the new HD channels - just not right, IMHO.

Now, some people complain about the Actiontec router. I have one, works great, better than what I had before. But apparently if you want to use torrents, really high volume stuff, some folks have trouble. I don't do that, so it is not an issue for me. And I only have 15/2 service, so that may have something to do with it.

One last thing: FiOS was a hugh breath of fresh air after 10 years or so with Charter Cable - slow internet, very unreliable TV, and incredibly poor customer service.

Kinda longwinded, but I highly recommend FiOS, both internet and TV.

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If your a gamer, download music or movies, if you do more then just mindless websurfing or reading email, YOU DON'T WANT FIOS. Just do a search on Fios download issues or Fios router resets and you'll get all the information you need.

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I eagerly waited for FiOS for many years.

When it became available in my neighborhood, I canceled cable and jumped on the bandwagon...

As of today, I am loving my service as a power user..  However, I will say there was some blood and sweat I had to shed with Verizon's Ordering and Billing process which I had previously anticipated.. If it wasn't for my loyalty to fiber, I probably would have gone back to cable... But I'm glad that I hung in there through the long and horrific billing department of the big telco.. If you do not understand Verizon's billing system... You are in for a shock..

The router that they give you is terrible.. Go ahead and research what other people are experiencing with their actiontec router and the small NAT table.. (Their is a new one coming out i think, though) Fortunately, there are ways around this by using the actiontec as a bridge with your own personal router. It even works with VOD on your STB's. I have everything configured correctly, with no more wireless clients timing out anymore... and rare billing casualties (Which I'm still in shock)... 

So, my question to you..

Is fiber really worth it?

To me: Yes - Because I love fiber so much, I don't care who my ISP is..

To Some: No - Because customer service, and billing is important. (Which I completely understand)

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I will pretty much back up everything el3ment00 writes.  I actually haven't had any problems (yet) with the Actiontec router.  And I am a deep routed Lynksys fan.

The FiOS product (IMHO) is terrific.  Speed, reliabliity, etc is best I've ever experienced.  Only been on FiOS for 5 months, and have had zero downtime since hookup.  Have been on T1, Cable, DSL, Dial-up etc, and prefer FiOS to 'em all.


As stated above, the billing and/or support department is another story.  They just can't seem to communicate with the customer or with each other.

In fact, based on the amount of button pushing and talking to computers required to just contact their support group, one would guess they don't actually want to communicate with their customers.

Seems really strange when you remember that communications is the only reason the company even exists.

From my experience, I suggest that if you decide to order the product, do it via the web site.  Make a hardcopy of every web page showing the charges, options included, etc.  You'll probably get the best 'deal' via the web site too.

Good luck