How to get Verizon to upgrade CO equipment?
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Does anyone out there have any advice on getting Verizon to upgrade equipment at their Central Offices?  I'm fed up with paying for the "High Speed Internet Enhanced" and still only getting the lowest speed available, which is about 3mbps.  My transceiver stats are very good, so I should be able to get 7mbps.  I think the problem is that verizon has extremely old DSLAMs in our area and the link out of our CO is fairly low bandwidth.

Here are my transceiver stats.

Tranceiver stats:

Transceiver Revision: 
Vendor ID Code:4 
Line Mode:G.DMT Mode 
Data Path:Interleaved 
Transceiver InformationDownstream PathUpstream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)3360864
Margin (dB)20.010.0
Line Attenuation (dB)23.014.0
Transmit Power (dBm)7.611.9

I know of people in the next town over that get serviced by CenturyLink and they get 10mbps!  At this point anything close to 7mbps would be a blessing.  I wish Verizon would invest some money back into the customers.  Speeds in our area haven't improved in over 10 years.

It's difficult to work from home and for my kids to get school work done with the bandwidth we have available.

Any help, tips, or other from the community would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Re: How to get Verizon to upgrade CO equipment?
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How far are you from a Verizon central office? Those stats suggest you're just over a mile in wire from the DSL Source. If you're a couple miles from the nearest Verizon CO/building, you're probably serviced out of a Remote Terminal.

Getting speeds beyond 3Mbps from Verizon can be difficult. But not impossible. It just takes a lot of persistence. Assuming your area isn't an area that is stuck on 3Mbps either due to capacity or due to the DSLAM you're on. I've had luck posting in the DSLReports VZ Direct forum for assistance with such matters: .

While a DSLAM may be old, as long as it has OC-3 connectivity going to it, and it's a Litespan 2000, Alcatel 7300 or better, you can usually get a 7Mbps connection. As long as it's not some old Catena (your stats suggest it's not), or a junky Adtran TA1248 IMA (T1 fed DSLAM, should've gone with the IP model!) VZ likes to deploy in Pennsylvania, chances are good for getting 7Mbps at least.