How to let Verizon know one of their technicians is very good?
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I posted the solution to my DSL problem on the "Where to complain" thread.

I had an on-going problem with the hi-speed internet (dry loop) service. I had six (or seven) technicians sent out to my house to try and solve the constant "dropped internet" "losing DSL connection" problem I had...that doesn't include the hours I spent on the phone with Verizon (since you CANT do a chat when you don't have an internet connection....HELLO!!!!)

The last technician solved my problem in about 5 minutes. I would like Verizon to know they have a good do I do this?

Editing this message to provide more detail:

PROBLEM: Constantly dropped internet. DSL light going solid only about every 5th time I restart the modem. DSL dropping multiple times a day once I get the internet connection. Problem generally worse at night or on the weekends.

THINGS THEY TRIED: Telling me to turn the phone line around, restarting the modem, checking for interfering phone lines, tracing the line back to the pole, changing the jack outside, changing the jack inside (I can't remember them all).

SOLUTION: I have a Westell modem. 

The black plug that connects the modem to the power source was not completely plugged in on the modem side. 

It requires using some force to ensure that the connection is properly made. The tech told me to "look for a little bar of silver around the plug, which shows you it's not all the way in"


Re: How to let Verizon know one of their technicians is very good?
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Thank you for the positive feedback. Please send me a private message with the information about the tech so I can pass it along.