I am being charged for a discontinued service

I discontinued my Verizon Fios Service several weeks before leaving the country to live abroad. I payed the bill corresponding to the last month of service and was assured twice by the telephone operator that the autopay function would also be cancelled (it was not, as I just discovered).

As expected, once my billing cycle had run its course (a few days before leaving), internet was disconnected. However, my credit card was just charged for another month of service.

Of course, Customer Sevice has no email address to write to, and I have unsuccessfully been making long-distance calls to try to speak with an operator, but end up either navigating the endless automated voice service, or am put on hold indefinitely (these are long-distance calls, mind you. Also, for some reason, when I call by Skype I get disconnected about 15 seconds into the call). I can't chat because the site says they're busy, and clicking on the option that says that a operator will contact me only opens a pop-up window with the Verizon phone number to call. I am at a loss as to how to contact customer service and have them review my case.

Re: I am being charged for a discontinued service

Try here 


They are real Verizon representatives that work the social media.

hopefully they can assist.

on your autopay you could just ask your bank or credit union that the funds come out to reverse the transaction or do a charge back with a credit card. Since you are out of the country both would see it’s a valid complaint.

Good Luck