I refuse to pay the early termination fee. Who do I talk to?

After all the problems i have had, it's an absolute crime for Verizon to make me pay to have my services terminated early. Yet AGAIN I am on hold to have my TV Service restored after my set top box is telling me i am not suscribed to any channels.  I've called in on at least a monthly basis, have had the set top box replaced three times.  Even had a tech come out to my apartment and told me it was simply the splitter was hooked up wrong,  Which of course was NOT the problem since he could not get the service to come back up, eventually he had to go to the truck for a new box.

My internet drops me out several times a day.  Completely random with nothing causing it (weather, time of day, etc) that I can tell.  I was never happy either I was not given the service I ordered (ordered 50/25 but only was given 20/5), which the installation tech said was unavilable here, but the service tech on the phone had no problem selling it to me!

So with all this, billing support is telling me I still have to pay an early termination fee to have my services shut off (1 year in on a 2 year contract).  Why do I have to be further punished for this atrocious service, heck I haven't even been offered a free month of service or something as payback.  Each time I call in i get the same response, "It seems you just have a weak signal."  Well then I want it turned off! Give me a number or someone to talk to cause that level 1 support refused to try anything.

Re: I refuse to pay the early termination fee. Who do I talk to?
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Fastdak25,

Please go to your profile page for the forum by clicking on your name, and look at the top of the middle column where you will find an area titled "My Private Support Cases". There you will find a link to the private board where you and the agent may exchange information. This should be checked on a frequent basis, as the agent may be waiting for information from you before they can proceed with any actions. Please keep all correspondence regarding your issue in the private support portal.