IE works, Chrome (and others) don't ... VISS firewall?
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My daughter's computer (running Vista Home Premium) is behaving weirdly.  She can connect to the Internet using Internet Explorer.  However, when she tries Google Chrome (her preferred browser), Chrome shows "Resolving proxy..." in the lower left-hand corner of the window, and then says


This webpage is not available.

The webpage at <whatever website we try> might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

I've checked IE8's settings (which Chrome also uses), and I do NOT have proxy service on.  We have Verizon Internet Security Service (fully updated as of last night), and Chrome is in the firewall's programs permissions list as Full.  (Interestingly, when I tried to check for newer updates for VISS, it said it couldn't connect to the internet, either.)  The version of Google Chrome is 8.0.552.237 (just uninstalled, re-downloaded, and re-installed).

Firefox also doesn't work, and neither does Skype or MSN Messenger.

I'm doing a malware scan, but one was done recently with no results.

I can't think what else to check next.  I've Googled all over, in Chrome's forums, and many other places, and all the other possible fixes haven't worked (e.g. specifying new DNS servers, flushing the DNS cache, all sorts of things).  I even tried turning off the VISS firewall for a bit to try Chrome again, but no luck.

Any ideas?


Re: IE works, Chrome (and others) don't ... VISS firewall?
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Is your Windows firewall turned on?  That could be blocking those programs from running.

Re: IE works, Chrome (and others) don't ... VISS firewall?
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Well with multiple programs not able to connect to the internet, I think your on the right path. I would defiantly start with scanning for malware, spyware, and virus. The second thing I would take a look at is the firewall. Either go in and make sure that those programs are set to "Allow" in the firewall, not "blocked".

If neither of those give you any results. I would try removing the security from the computer. (not for long, just for a test). See if that lets you back on. If so, then re-install and that should hopefully correct it.

Oh, come to think of it. Has the Virus scan recently found a virus and either deleted or quarantined it? If so, the infected file may have been a critical shared file for those software's. You may just have to re-install them.

Now if all else fails. Dont still rule out a virus. Many of the more insidious viri(?) (virus's?) can infect the anti-virus if they make it onto the computer and can actually hide from the antivirus. So even if your scan comes up clean, it doesnt necessarily mean that you dont have one. You may want to get a virus scanner and run from a disk or other source just to make sure.

Re: IE works, Chrome (and others) don't ... VISS firewall?
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The comments regarding malware may be on target as ther eare several pieces of malware out there that monkey with the proxy settings.  A scan by Malwarebytes would seem to be prudent.  

To check the proxy settings from Chrome ...  click the wrench in the upper right corner, then under the hood, then Change proxy settings, then LAN connections.   ALL boxes should be unchecked on this screen.   Uncheck them and apply/click ok until you get back to the browser window and try again.

Re: IE works, Chrome (and others) don't ... VISS firewall?
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A virus would make more sense if it was IE only that was having problems.   The fact IE works and other things don't suggests firewall.