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To all who use DSL with Verzion and care about IPv6.

Is it time to start calling the ISP as recommend at

Currently SixXS is not accepting signups, nor tunnel or subnet requests.

We are doing this action to ensure that instead of going the easy way of using our service for IPv6 connectivity, you instead Call your ISP.

20 years ago RFC1883, the RFC that formally defined IPv6, was published by the IETF. From 1996 till 2006 the 6bone existed and functioned as a testing ground for IPv6. Per 2006, which is now a decade ago, IPv6 has been available worldwide in production from a large variety of ISPs.

During the last decade, IPv4 address space has also run out at most of the RIRs and most of the large Internet properties have enabled IPv6 on their services.

We still see a large number of daily account signups, tunnel requests and subnet requests here at SixXS, which demonstrates that there are a number of ISPs who have not taken the time or effort to deploy any kind of IPv6 for their customers.

SixXS has been in existence since 2001-ish. And over the last 15 years we have been providing connectivity to people around the world.

Unfortunately it seems a large number of ISPs think that our service is a free pass for them to not deploy IPv6, as they direct their (paying) customers who want IPv6 to our service.

With IPv6 being 20 years old now, IPv4 addresses being out, we are stopping accepting signups and tunnel & subnet requests for the month of January 2016. During that time, we hope that you call your ISP and demand the IPv6 that you are supposed to have. We hope, that by people calling their ISPs, the number one support ticket will be "I want IPv6" and that these ISPs who have typically not moved a finger yet in the last two decades to deploy or even test IPv6, will be finally putting IPv6 on their roadmaps

Re: IPv6
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+1 IPv6

It was mentioned in DSLReports today that Verizon Online has started advertising some IPv6 prefixes, which were previously not there. I haven't been keeping an eye on that, since I don't expect IPv6 any time soon for DSL, but it sounds like they're getting the core equipment ready. The CPE are all going to need software upgrades if the functionality hasn't been baked in.

Re: IPv6
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Another +1 For IPv6

I feel almost embarassed sometimes knowing that my neighbor's CrapCast connection has IPv6, while Verizon's lines have none. This needs to be implemented ASAP!